Services Certificates
  • Supplier Qualification Program
    Supplier Qualification Program Assessment Repprt
    SQP audit results are divided into the following four levels:                   
    1.green (85-100 points): most of the requirements meet                               
    2.yellow (71-84 points): moderate risk of the problem part to meet the requirements, must be submitted within 15 days to correct the plan (CAP) required to fill in English, and to be followed up in 180 days after the audit. SQP generally in 71 points and above                                                 
    3.orange (51-70 points): low standard, generally 90 days after the audit follow-up                                                       
    4.red (0-50 points): very low standard

    Update Time:2016-11-22
    The evaluation of the facility covered the following areas:
    2.Wages and Hours
    3.Health and Safety
    4.Management System
    Update Time:2016-11-22
  • Business license of enterprise legal person
  • Tax registration certificate
    Update Time:2015-09-06