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Merry Christmas

Issue Time:2016-12-20
NINGBO GUANGHE PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.Wishing you every happiness when Christmas is near.expressing appreciation for your cares.concerns during the year

NINGBO GUANGHE PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.Celebrate Christmas with you.There are different sizes of plates To help you successfully get Christmas dinner.  6 'Clear Square Plat of delicious Soup6.5 'Black PS  fruit plate 8' White Gold-plated  plates 9.5' White Gold-plated  plates           Easy to use and stylish cups embellish your table

clear and colored Elegant 5.5oz Champagne Glasses 
Golden Powder 5.5oz Champagne Cup

clear removable 10oz red wine glasses

"Happy new year"Theme 10oz printing cup

"Christmas snow"Theme 10oz printing cup

"Christmas hot heart"
Theme 10oz printing cup

Colored 10oz PS cups

12oz clear beverage cup

10oz clear plastic tumblers

9 oz Squat Clear  Plastic Tumbler

 1oz Plastic Shot Glasses 

You can easily with a good Christmas dinner, especially color can quickly ignite your festive atmosphere