Solar number lights

Display your house number in bright, illuminated clarity and make things easier for visiting guests and emergency service vehicles.
Easy to install with no messy wiring
Solar powered for optimum energy efficiency
Automatic sensor activates in darkness
Place it on your letterbox or front door for easy identification
Stylish stainless steel design
Rechargeable battery included
More practical than you think
The Solar Powered House Number Light makes it nice and easy for others to find your home.
When your family from out of town make the trip down to visit, they’ll be able to spot your house with ease. And if someone at your house is sick or injured and requiring emergency attention, the light will make your home instantly identifiable.
Energy efficient
Powered by the sun, the house number light is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Simply position it in an area with access to sunlight and it’ll automatically charge during daylight hours.
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